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'''''Spídér's Wéb: A Píg's Tálé''''' ís the most stupid movie on the face of the earth. In this movie which rips off [[Charlotte's Web]] a pampered pig named Walt eats his mom's pie and says the aliens did it then breaks her pot and says the ghost did it then he says he did his homework but it ate the dog when he really didn't even do it. Then a snake comes and tells him to go to hollywood and be a star when he just wants bacon. So they tried to give it a moral but it was really just a money-making scheme.
Ffilm animeiddiedig gan [[Don Bluth]] yw '''''All Dogs Go to Heaven''''' ([[1989]]).
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[[de:Charlie – Alle Hunde kommen in den Himmel]]
[[en:All Dogs Go to Heaven]]
[[es:Todos los perros van al cielo]]
[[fi:Kaikenkarvainen Charlie]]
[[fr:Charlie, mon héros]]
[[it:Charlie - Anche i cani vanno in paradiso]]
[[pl:Wszystkie psy idą do nieba]]
[[pt:All Dogs Go to Heaven]]
[[ru:Все псы попадают в рай]]
[[sv:Änglahund (film)]]
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