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Hi, apologies for writing in English, but my Welsh isn't up to it. I was categorising the photos of Deeside Halt that you've added to Commons, and thought at first you'd misidentified the station as Glyndyfrdwy, which is the next station down the line. I renamed one to Deeside Halt, but then realised that you had correctly identified in the English description, but labelled it as '''Glan''dyfrdwy in the Welsh description. I then looked at [[Rheilffordd Llangollen]], and realised that according to the article, Deeside Halt in Welsh is Glanddyfrdwy (with double d, presumably a mutation). I'll move the file back, but which spelling is correct? Sorry for the confusion - I'll try to sort it out as soon as possible. [[Defnyddiwr:Voice of Clam|Voice of Clam]] ([[Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Voice of Clam|sgwrs]]) 21:19, 8 Medi 2020 (UTC)
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