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→‎Javad (singer): adran newydd
(→‎Javad (singer): adran newydd)
[[Defnyddiwr:Rei Momo|Rei Momo]] ([[Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Rei Momo|sgwrs]]) 07:01, 3 Gorffennaf 2015 (UTC)
== Javad (singer) ==
It is a xwiki spammer filled with his own self-importance for whom I have been deleting his garbage for months. I would suggest that you protect the pages as he will be back. Also to note that you will see hits relating to this in [[Special:AbuseLog]] looking for global filter 46. [[Defnyddiwr:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Billinghurst|sgwrs]]) 11:07, 12 Awst 2015 (UTC)