Y gwahaniaeth rhwng diwygiadau o "Mock the Week"

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The following have appeared multiple times on the show as a guest ''(up to 23 June 2016, not including the 2011 [[Comic Relief]] special)'':<ref>{{cite web |url=http://mocktheweek.tv/thecast/ |title=Mock The Week&nbsp;— The Cast (- The Guests)|accessdate=2008-08-08 }}</ref>
{{div col}};38 appearances
38 appearances
*[[Ed Byrne (comedian)|Ed Byrne]]
;31 appearances
*[[Milton Jones]]
;21 appearances
*[[Josh Widdicombe]]
;14 appearances
*[[Rob Beckett]]
*[[Gary Delaney]]
;12 appearances
*[[Stewart Francis]]
;11 appearances
*[[Chris Addison]]{{Ref_label|a|a|none}}*[[Miles Jupp]]
*[[David Mitchell (comedian)|David Mitchell]]
;9 appearances
*[[Zoe Lyons]]
*[[Romesh Ranganathan]]
*[[Mark Watson]]
;8 appearances
*[[Micky Flanagan]]
*[[Gina Yashere]]
*[[Holly Walsh]]
;6 appearances
*[[Jo Brand]]
*[[Jo Caulfield]]
*[[Jack Whitehall]]
;5 appearances
*[[James Acaster]]
*[[Alun Cochrane]]
*[[Seann Walsh]]{{Ref_label|b|b|none}}
;4 appearances
*[[Nathan Caton]]
*[[Hal Cruttenden]]
*[[Russell Howard]]{{Ref_label|a|a|none}}
*[[Ava Vidal]]
;3 appearances
*[[Carl Donnelly]]
*[[Rhod Gilbert]]
*[[Tiff Stevenson]]
;2 appearances
*[[Angela Barnes]]
*[[Kevin Bridges]]