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Malpas is an electoral district (ward) and coterminous community (parish) of the city of Newport.
* [[Malpas (Casnewydd)]], de-ddwyrain [[Cymru]]
The ward is bounded by the A4042 road to the east, the city boundary to the north, Malpas Brook to the west, and Bettws Lane, Llanover Close, and the western and northern edges of Graig Wood, Yewberry Lane and Grove Park Drive to the south.
* [[Malpas (Swydd Gaer)]], [[Swydd Gaer]], gogledd-orllewin [[Lloegr]]
* [[Malpas (Cernyw)]], [[Cernyw]]
The name is French and comes from Mal (bad/poor) and Pas (passage/way). Earlier examples of the name include the definite article 'Le' and even an odd Welsh definite article 'Y' i.e. Le Malpas, Y Malpas.
There are two large housing estates either side of the main Malpas Road (A4051): Malpas Court to the west is a council estate (although many of the houses are now in private ownership) and to the east are Malpas Park, Claremont, Pilton Vale and the Woodlands all of which is privately-owned. The roads in Malpas Court take their names from famous inventors and scientists, while those in Malpas Park are named after trees. The roads in Woodlands are named after World War II generals, e.g. Allenbrooke Avenue, Horrocks Close, Montgomery Road, Robertson Way, Wavell Drive, etc. Claremont and Pilton Vale however are just single street names with large house numbers.
There are five excellent primary schools in the ward. Malpas Church Infants, Malpas Church Juniors, Malpas Court, Malpas Park and the Independent Rougemont School.
There are three Christian churches in Malpas, St Mary's Church (Church in Wales), Trinity Presbyterian, and St. Anne's Church (Roman Catholic). The fourth Malpas Church, Christchurch, which is just off the Old Malpas Road is actually in the Shaftesbury Ward. There are no formal places of worship for other religions or faiths.
Malpas is also home to the only private hospital in Newport, St. Joesph's Hospital, run by the Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy, and also Gwent's only in-patient hospice service, St Anne's Hospice, run by the same group.
The Malpas Institute Trust is a charitable fund, founded on the sale of the World War I Memorial Institute. The website has some interesting pages about the War Memorial Plaque and the local residents who both served and were killed in combat.
The local councillors' website is another useful stop for local information.