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Anybody can ask to be made an Administrator, preferably after having hung out as an ordinary user for a while. Administratorship doesn't give many advantages compared to an ordinary user -- principally the ability to delete pages, lock pages so that only sysops can edit them (to prevent vandalism, or in the case of the GNU FDL page to make the licence secure), block access to the database to individual IP addresses, and edit the customisable MediaWiki strings which form the user interface. Hopefully these powers will only be used responsibly.
Arwel is the only resident "Bureaucrat" on this Wikipedia i.e. only he can create new sysops -- normally users will be offered sysophood if they're still regularly contributing three months after creating their user.
*10.2.04: Welcome to [[User:Deb|Deb]] as our second sysop!
*09.4.04: Welcome to [[User:Marnanel|Marnanel]] as our third sysop!
*20.7.04: Welcome to [[User:Okapi|Okapi]] as our fourth sysop!
*27.7.04: Welcome to [[User:Gareth Wyn|Gareth Wyn]] to our merry band!