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I'm sorry I don't speak Welsh but I'm Argentinian and the truth is that I don't even speak English very well. We're having a problem at Spanish Wikipedia with the etymology of the word "[[Dorset]]". The article says that it comes from two Welsh words: ''Dwrn'', which means "fist", and ''gwarae'', that means "play". We have no references for that information and naturally there're no many Welsh speakers at Spanish Wikipedia, that's why I ask you if "fist" and "play" are actually the real meanings of the words ''Dwrn'' and ''gwarae''. As I don't have an account in Welsh Wikipedia, I'd be really pleased if you answered my question here below. Thank you very much. Please, write in English! :) --[[Arbennig:Contributions/|]] 01:52, 12 Ebrill 2008 (UTC)
:No me había dado cuenta de que hablabas castellano XD Respondeme en español nomás, entonces :) [[Arbennig:Contributions/|]] 01:53, 12 Ebrill 2008 (UTC)
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