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(stress marks)
The stress marks in the Russian appeared to be wrong, so I corrected them. But it seems they are the same on the English wikipedia, and somebody there would surely have noticed by now... Is my browser on the blink? Take the word Советских. The stress mark (acute accent) should be on the "е". How does it look on anybody else's browser? [[Defnyddiwr:Llareggub|Llareggub]] 22:12, 5 Medi 2005 (UTC)
:Interesting. I've looked at it in Firefox and MSIE and the stresses do seem to be odd in both browsers. We would have copied the Cyrillic from en: in all probability, which explains the similarity, but why do we have stress marks at all? I've just taken a look at the ru: link and there's certainly none there! -- [[Defnyddiwr:|]] 22:51, 5 Medi 2005 (UTC)
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