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| <font size="5">'''Desg Cyfeirio [[Wicipedia]]'''</font size>
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| colspan=2 style="text-align:left"| '''Y Desg Cyfeirio Wicipedia''': [http://cy.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sgwrs_Wicipedia:Y_Desg_Cyfeirio&action=edit&section=new cliciwch yma] i ofyn cwestiwn.
'''This is ''not'' a help page for problems with Wikipedia. See the [[Wicipedia:FAQ]], [[Wicipedia:Help]] and [[Wicipedia:Y Caffi]] for questions about Wikipedia itself.'''
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The Wikipedia Reference Desk serves much the same function as a [[library reference desk]]. Do you have a specific question that you want answered by Wikipedia? Then ask below! To request that a complete article be written, go to [[requested articles]].
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! [[Wicipedia:Croeso, newydd-ddyfodiaid|Croeso, newydd-ddyfodiaid]]
! [[Wicipedia:Cymorth|Cymorth]]
! [[Wicipedia:Y Caffi|Y Caffi]]
| valign="top" style="width:33%"|Atebion i gwestiynau newydd-ddyfodiaid
| valign="top" style="width:33%"|Tudalennau gwybodaeth a chymorth ynglŷn â Wicipedia
| valign="top" style="width:33%"|Trafodwch â [[Arbennig:Listusers|Wicipedwyr]] eraill
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*'''[[Wicipedia:Ynglŷn â Wicipedia]]''' - gwybodaeth cyffredinol am Wicipedia.
If you know an answer, give only a very limited answer on this page. Just post a link to the Wikipedia article that contains the answer (although you might have to supply a few missing details, relevant to the specific question, here on this page).
[[en:Wikipedia:Reference desk]]
Old questions and answers will be removed periodically. You can browse old questions and answers in the [[Wicipedia:Archif y Desg Cyfeirio|Archif y Desg Cyfeirio]].
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Non-reference questions will be moved to more appropriate pages.
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