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:::::Many thanks. Okay, here's the issue. I am still concerned about large numbers of images being tagged with <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> just because they are already on commons. It will create a backlog in [[:Categori:Tudalennau amheus]], which may mean that other images, which have more urgent reasons to be deleted, may not get noticed. What I propose is that for any images where the only reason to delete them is that they are dupes from commons, that instead of using <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> you add instead <tt><nowiki>{{on commons|</nowiki></tt>''name of image on commons''<tt><nowiki>}}</nowiki></tt>. I haven't yet actually written [[template:on commons]], but what I will make it do is to put the files into a ''separate category'' (other than [[:Categori:Tudalennau amheus]]). Possibly I will even make it put them in one of two categories, depending whether the image on commons has the same name as the local image or a different name. In any case, we can then delete those images less urgently, when we have motivation, without making a backlog in [[:Categori:Tudalennau amheus]]. Many thanks. [[Defnyddiwr:Alan012|Alan]] 18:36, 10 Hydref 2009 (UTC)
::::::Okay, that seemed to work. See [[:Delwedd:220px-Clark Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty trailer.jpg]] as an example. If you could please tag the images that way rather than with <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki>, that would help considerably. Of course, feel free to use <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> if there is an image with a more pressing reason to get rid of it. [[Defnyddiwr:Alan012|Alan]] 18:50, 10 Hydref 2009 (UTC)