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→‎inkscape: adran newydd
(→‎inkscape: adran newydd)
:::I've put the the Babel categories, as they are usually displayed when using <nowiki>{{babel}}</nowiki>, on your user page; and I have activated the new category you requested, and put it in <nowiki>[[Categori:Wicipedwyr]]</nowiki>, because, as I said above, we have very few non-language related user categories. [[Defnyddiwr:Paul-L|Paul-L]] 13:21, 16 Medi 2009 (UTC)
== inkscape ==
Have a play with Inkscape if you haven't already - looks easy to do the SVG edits, see [[Delwedd:Gorllewin De Cymru (Rhanbarth Cynulliad Cenedlaethol).svg]]. I'd never used the program before, but in 5 minutes I'd got it done, just click on the shape you want, then "Fill and Stroke" from the "Object" menu to change the fill colour. Job done. [[Defnyddiwr:Alan012|Alan]] 15:30, 11 Hydref 2009 (UTC)