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:::Thanks, Eino. Perhaps what the article needs therfore, here and on en:, is more information showing how and why he is now so well-known in Hungary. I mean, has he become a symbol of some sort? I can imagine that people might use this to question the whole Afghanistan war, for instance. How wide is the coverage? Is it confined to Hungary? None of that is made clear in the article, which really leaves the reader asking himself/herself "Yes, but many soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and other wars - why is ''he'' different?". Please don't take this as personal criticism in any way, Eino; as I've already said at the talk page ([[:Sgwrs:George Miok]]), your contributions are valued and appreciated. PS And I think 'Dewi' is great! PPS Perhaps this should be copied and pasted at Sgwrs:George Miok? It's not just up to me to decide - I'm just one editor, even if I am an admin. [[Defnyddiwr:Anatiomaros|Anatiomaros]] 22:48, 7 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)
Yes, I know, that's not a personal criticizm. As you see on the English vote page
[[:en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/George Miok]] there are more supporters who say, we should keep this article. Yes, I know, if I could, I would write all the articles for every dead soldier. (I'm a writing editor, not a deleting-editing editor, in the huwiki I have more 320 articles, if something interests me - and maybe the world is also interested - I mke an article. That's my fault :) I know.) PS Thanks for Dewi :) I1m planning to write a whole story in book size :) I want to be famous in Wales :) --[[Defnyddiwr:Eino81|Eino81]] 23:04, 7 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)