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== Brynmelin - Brynmill ==
Just want to let you know that Brynmelin is not the same place as Brynmill. Brynmill is located in the Uplands area of Swansea, whereas Brynmelin is the area around St. Josephs Cathedral, which is also known as Greenhill and Waun Wen. You can see that there is a street in the area called Bryn-melyn Street from which the area gets its informal name.[[Arbennig:Contributions/|]] 10:46, 27 Ebrill 2010 (UTC)
:Hmmm... Maybe this issue needs some clarification. When "Brynmelin, Abertawe" is googled, most the locations that appear refer to the English "Brynmill" near the Uplands, apart from the odd reference to Brynmelin Street near Plasmarl. "Brynmelyn" in Welsh derives from ''Bryn'' = Hill + ''Melin'' = Hill. Therefore, surely it must be "Bryn" + Mill. Maybe the other Brynmelyn (Hill + Yellow) refers to the other loacation? [[Defnyddiwr:Pwyll|Pwyll]] 11:52, 27 Ebrill 2010 (UTC)