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→‎Block: feel strongly
(→‎Block: feel strongly)
::In [[Wicipedia:Y Caffi]] by [[Defnyddiwr:Anatiomaros]]. "Os gwneiff y bonheddwr RHaworth gymaint ag un sylw bach sarhaus eto ceiff ei flocio am fyth, gweinyddwr ar 'en' neu beidio." - translation "If the gentleman RHaworth makes so much as one little insulting comment again he will be blocked for ever, [be he] an administrator on 'en' or not." [[Defnyddiwr:Llais Sais|Llais Sais]] 00:32, 24 Medi 2010 (UTC)
:::By the way - to expand on this a bit. (S)he has claimed that (a) you have no authority i.e. not an official representative, and (b) you have been insulting. I think that (a) is self-evident, and I have to say that I agree with (b) also. However despite that you do have a valid point about licensing - if the copyright holder of an image which has been uploaded outside the terms of the licence shows up then it could spell trouble for the uploader. So I have suggested that they heed what you are saying despite objections to the way you are saying it. [[Defnyddiwr:Llais Sais|Llais Sais]] 01:01, 24 Medi 2010 (UTC)
* Of course I have no authority. That is why I worded my remarks as suggestions rather than orders. Is there anybody who can be said to have authority? In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I think it is time that somebody who does have authority - presumably someone who actually represents the Wikimedia Foundation - should step in and insist on proper treatment of image copyrights. Regarding insults, could you please take a moment to check my remarks and tell me which of them, in your view, overstep the bounds of parliamentary language and become insults - and say why! — [[Defnyddiwr:RHaworth|RHaworth]] 09:26, 24 Medi 2010 (UTC)