Y gwahaniaeth rhwng diwygiadau o "Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Pwyll"

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Something very odd has happened. A new(?) user called Rhodri77 has appeared in the Newidiadau Diweddar, but when I look up his page it goes through to your one instead. Is there a bug in the software? [[Defnyddiwr:Llais Sais|Llais Sais]] 08:16, 25 Medi 2010 (UTC)
== mynyddoedd ==
Dear Sir/Madam,
You blocked out my account "boncyff-ff....b" as "enw defnyddiwr annerbyniol". All I did was write "boncyff" forwards and backwards. Not to worry, here is a revised name, which I hope you will consider acceptable this time. (I also created "boncyff 2", but didn't get as far as using it, and now can't remember what password I chose, so now that account is unusable.) Anyway, at least you cannot now object to my writing to you in English, having yourself disallowed a name which sounds rude in English but is innocuous in Welsh. I wonder whether you would also disallow "Nick" as an account name, as it sounds like a swear word in Arabic, or if it's just English that gets special treatment.
However, enough about that: let me move on to the substance.
You undid a good chunk of my edits, which suggests to me that you don't agree with them. So let me explain what I was doing.
Someone has created hundreds of articles about Scottish mountains. Great work, but unfortunately every time he/she includes the sentence:
"Gwneir bob ymdrech i ganfod yr enw yn yr iaith wreiddiol, a gwerthfawrogwn eich cymorth os gwyddoch yr enw Gaeleg."
In each case I removed that sentence from the article, and put it into the associated "Sgwrs" page instead. This is because it seems to me very obviously inappropriate for the text of an article to be using the first and second persons in this way. Do you not agree? Even though these articles are a work in progress, they should still be written in the style of the finished product, should they not? Stuff about contributing to the article belongs very clearly on the discussion page and not in the article itself.
I will make one concession that in some places you get article maintenance stuff on the article page along the lines of the following example:
"Eginyn erthygl sydd uchod am yr Unol Daleithiau. Gallwch helpu Wicipedia drwy ychwanegu ato."
However, there is a huge difference between the way that this text is presented and what has been done in the other case. It is:
(1) at the start / end of the article rather than as part of a paragraph
(2) inside a box
(3) in an italic font
all of which help make it obvious to the reader that it is not really part of the article text itself.
If I were to make the reverse change, i.e. change those articles so that the "Eginyn erthygl...." appeared as part of the text of one of the paragraphs rather than in a separate box, would you consider that acceptable? (That was a rhetorical question by the way.) Rather, what needs to happen is for this stuff about "gwerthfawrogwn eich cymorth" to be either moved to the "sgwrs" page or at least presented in a way similar to what is currently done with the "gallwch helpu Wicipedia" stuff.
This is really going to have to be done some time, and the more that you delay in addressing it, the more similar articles will get created in the meantime - I see that there are several more today - and the more work it will be in the end.
Sadly, I will not myself be assisting further with this effort, because yo undid the changes which I made already, suggesting that you do not value my assistance.
Kind regards,
Boncyff derwen (a.k.a. new red ff....b)