Y gwahaniaeth rhwng diwygiadau o "Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Pwyll"

Ychwanegwyd 10 beit ,  10 o flynyddoedd yn ôl
dim crynodeb golygu
However, there is a huge difference between the way that this text is presented and what has been done in the other case. It is:
-> (1) at the start / end of the article rather than as part of a paragraph
-> (2) inside a box
-> (3) in an italic font
all of which help make it obvious to the reader that it is not really part of the article text itself.
Right, back to the substantive content (and I apologize for using English, I really do). I am concerned that simply changing the text in order to use the impersonal form of the verb while still leaving what are essentially instructions to editors in the middle of a paragraph would only half-solve the problem. I have now looked in more detail at what is done with the "eginyn Unol Daleithiau" stuff:
-> (1) As mentioned before, the instruction to editors is in a box at the bottom where it is obviously not part of the article text.
-> (2) Also, it seems that the content of that box is managed via a separate little "Nodyn" page, where it appears to me that if we wanted to change it subsequently it would be a single page to edit and would not involve re-editing the same hundreds of articles yet again.
If we decide that this text does needs to be on the article page, then I feel that the above approach is the way to do it, particularly in view of point 2, because (contrary to someone's fears that I am here to spoil things out of envy) I really have no interest in making this job end up consuming more of anybody's time and effort in the long run than it actually requires.