The Yeomen of the Guard

Sioe gerdd gan W. S. Gilbert a Syr Arthur Sullivan oedd The Yeomen of the Guard, neu, The Merryman and His Maid. Gwelwyd y sioe gerdd am y tro cyntaf yn y Theatr Savoy, Llundain, ar 3 Hydref 1888.

Theatr Savoy c.1881


  • Agorawd
Act I
  • 1. "When maiden loves, she sits and sighs" (Phœbe)
  • 1a. "When jealous torments rack my soul" (Wilfred)
  • 2. "Tower warders, under orders" (Crowd and Yeomen, solo Second Yeoman)
  • 3. "When our gallant Norman foes" (Dame Carruthers and Yeomen)
  • 3a. "A laughing boy but yesterday" (Meryll)
  • 4. "Alas! I waver to and fro" (Phœbe, Leonard and Meryll)
  • 5. "Is life a boon?" (Fairfax)
  • 6. "Here's a man of jollity" (Chorus)
  • 7. "I have a song to sing, O!" (or, "The Merryman and his Maid") (Point, Elsie, and chorus)
  • 8. "How say you, maiden, will you wed?" (Lieutenant, Elsie, Point)
  • 9. "I've jibe and joke" (Point)
  • 10. "'Tis done! I am a bride!" (Elsie)
  • 11. "Were I thy bride" (Phœbe)
  • 12. Finale Act I (Ensemble)
    • "Oh, Sergeant Meryll, is it true?"
    • "To thy fraternal care, thy sister I commend"
    • "The pris'ner comes to meet his doom"
    • "M'lord, m'lord.... As escort for the prisoner"
    • "All frenzied, frenzied with despair they rave"
Act II
  • 13. "Night has spread her pall once more" (People, Dame Carruthers, Yeomen)
  • 14. "Oh! a private buffoon is a light-hearted loon" (Point)
  • 15. "Hereupon we're both agreed" (Point and Wilfred)
  • 16. "Free from his fetters grim" (Fairfax)
  • 17. "Strange adventure" (Kate, Dame Carruthers, Fairfax, Meryll)
  • 18. "Hark! What was that, sir?" ... "Like a ghost his vigil keeping" (Meryll, Fairfax, Lieutenant, Wilfred, Point, Ensemble)
  • 19. "A man who would woo a fair maid" (Fairfax, Elsie, Phœbe)
  • 20. "When a wooer goes a-wooing" (Elsie, Fairfax, Phœbe, Point)
  • 21. "Rapture, rapture" (Dame Carruthers, Sergeant Meryll)
  • 22. Finale Act II (Ensemble)
    • "Comes the pretty young bride"
    • "Oh, day of terror!"
    • "Leonard, my loved one, come to me"
    • "I have a song to sing, O!"
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