Wicipedia:WikiProject Check Wikipedia

The WikiProject Check Wikipedia will help to clean the syntax of Wikipedia and to find some other errors. At the moment the script has some bugs and not every error displayed is an actual error.

The web interface for cy.wiki is HERE

Project description in English


What is the goal of this project?

  • This project helps in cleaning up the syntax of articles and improve web accessibility.
  • If we have a clear and clean syntax in all articles more projects (for example: Wikipedia-DVD) can use our data more easily.
  • In order to use the data of a Wikipedia project without the MediaWiki software you need to write a parser. If many articles have a wrong syntax it'll be difficult to program the parser since it needs to be complex enough to recognize the syntax errors.
  • Wikipedia is now transitioning to HTML5 and we should make an effort to follow the W3C Recommendation.

How does it work?

What can I do?

  • Use the web interface to find articles with errors.
  • Take a look at the page history before editing the article.
  • Fix the problems explaining your edit in the edit summary.
  • Remove the fixed articles from the interface using the "done" links.

Please don't...

  • ...don't use unauthorized bots.
  • ...don't use this tool to only perform one minor edit at a time: check and improve the whole article instead.