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{{Year nav BC|210}}
[[Image:Qin empire 210 BCE.jpg|thumb|The Chinese Qin empire in 210 BC]]
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===By place===
====Roman Republic====
* Following the death of his father, [[Publius Cornelius Scipio]], and his uncle, [[Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus]], at the hands of the [[Carthage|Carthaginians]], the young [[Scipio Africanus|Publius Cornelius Scipio]] takes over command of the [[Roman Republic|Roman]] troops in [[Spain]]. His appointment reflects the [[Roman Senate]]'s dissatisfaction with the cautious strategy of the [[propraetor]], [[Gaius Claudius Nero]], then commander in [[Spain]] north of the [[Ebro]].
* The famine and inflation facing Rome is eased with the pacification by the Romans of [[Sicily]].
* The Carthaginian general, [[Hannibal]], proves his superiority in tactics by inflicting a severe defeat at [[Battle of Herdonia (210 BC)|Herdonia]] in [[Apulia]] upon a [[proconsul]]ar army and slaying the [[consul]] Gnaeus Fulvius Centumalus Maximus.
* The Roman general, [[Marcus Claudius Marcellus]] is elected consul for the fourth time and takes Salapia in [[Apulia]], which has revolted and joined forces with Hannibal.
* [[Arsinoe III of Egypt|Arsinoe III]], wife and sister of King [[Ptolemy IV Philopator|Ptolemy IV]] gives birth to the future [[Ptolemy V Epiphanes]]. Thereafter, she is sequestered in the palace, while Ptolemy's depraved male and female favourites ruin both the king and his government of [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]]. Although Arsinoe III disapproves of the sordid state of the court, she is unable to exert any influence.
* After allying with [[Hannibal]], [[Philip V of Macedon]] attacks the Roman positions in [[Illyria]], but fails to take [[Corcyra]] or [[Apollonia, Illyria|Apollonia]], which are protected by the Roman fleet. Rome's command of the sea prevents his lending any effective aid to his Carthaginian ally in Italy. The [[Aetolian League|Aetolians]], [[Sparta]] and King [[Attalus I Soter|Attalus]] of [[Pergamum]] join the Romans in the war against Philip V. This coalition is so strong that Philip V has to stop attacking Roman territory.
* [[Qin Er Shi]] becomes Emperor of the [[Qin Dynasty]] of [[China]].
* [[Emperor Hui of Han|Hui]], the second emperor of the [[Han Dynasty]] of [[China]]
* [[September 10]] — [[Qin Shi Huang]], the first emperor of [[China]] (b. [[260 BC]])
* [[Fusu]], first son and heir apparent of Qin Shi Huang
* [[Meng Tian]], general of the [[Qin Dynasty]] of China
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