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Ceir rhagor o fanylion am weinyddwyr ar [[:en:Wikipedia:Administrators|Wikipedia Saesneg]].
==Review and removal of adminship==
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If an administrator abuses administrative powers, these powers can be removed. Administrators may be removed either by [[User:Jimbo Wales|Jimmy Wales]], stewards or by a ruling of the [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee|Arbitration Committee]]. At their discretion, lesser penalties may also be assessed against problematic administrators, including the restriction of their use of certain powers or placement on administrative probation. The technical ability to remove administrator status rests with [[m:Stewards|stewards]] and [[User:Jimbo Wales|Jimmy Wales]].
There have been several procedures suggested for a [[Wikipedia:WikiProject_Administrator/Admin_Recall|community based desysop process]], but none of them have achieved [[Wikipedia:Consensus|consensus]]. Some administrators will voluntarily stand for reconfirmation under certain circumstances; see [[#Administrator recall]]. Users may use [[WP:DR|dispute resolution]] to request comment on an administrator's suitability.
{{green|Technical note}}—removal of rights does <u>not</u> currently show up in the usual user logs. Use {{tlx|Userrights|''username''}} for full links to user rights information and full logs, including the stewards' global logs on [[meta:|meta]] as well, or '''[[Special:ListUsers]]''' to verify a users' current rights. See: [[bugzilla:4055|Bugzilla:4055]].
===Voluntary removal===
Administrators may request that their access to administrative tools be removed at [[m:Steward requests/Permissions]]. Administrators who stepped down in good standing (that is, not in controversial circumstances) may request their administrator status be restored at any time by a bureaucrat. This is commonly done at the [[Wikipedia:bureaucrats' noticeboard|bureaucrats' noticeboard]].
Some administrators may become inactive for a period of time, or may retire altogether. In these instances, as noted [[Wikipedia:PEREN#Demote_inactive_admins|on the Perennial Proposals page]], consensus has been that they will retain their rights unless they specifically request to have them removed.
===Disputes or complaints===
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In most cases, disputes with administrators should be resolved with the normal dispute resolution process. If the dispute reflects seriously on a user's administrative capacity (blatant misuse of administrative tools, gross or persistent misjudgement or conduct issues), then the following steps are available.
==== Administrator recall ====
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Some administrators place themselves "open to recall", whereby they pledge to [[#Voluntary removal|voluntarily step down]] if a certain number of editors in good standing request so. The specific criteria are set by each administrator for themselves, and is usually detailed in their userspace. The process is entirely voluntary and administrators may change their criteria at any time, or decline to adhere to previously made recall pledges. If an administrator steps down as a result of a recall, he or she then requests removal at [[m:Steward requests/Permissions]].
==== Requests for comment on administrator conduct ====
Misuse of administrator access or behavior that is incompatible with adminship may result in an involuntary [[WP:RFC/U|request for comment on administrator conduct]]. Administrators who fail to satisfactorily respond to community feedback are likely to become the subject of an Arbitration Committee review - see below.
==== Arbitration Committee review ====
This is an involuntary process. Generally, the Arbitration Committee requires that other steps of dispute resolution should be tried before it intervenes in a dispute. However, if the matter is serious enough, the Arbitration Committee may intervene without a request for comment on administrator conduct. Remedies that may be imposed, at the discretion of the Committee, include warnings, admonishments, restrictions, or a summary removal of administrator privileges.
If the complaining user was blocked improperly by an administrator, they may [[WP:APPEAL|appeal the block]] and/or email the [[WP:ARBCOM|Arbitration Committee]] directly.
== Rhestr Gweinyddwyr ==