The fundamental problem with wicipedia is that it is too addictive. I cannot seem to ration sensibly the amount of time I spend on it, and I just cannot afford to spend as much time on it as I do.

I am now going to scramble my password once and for all, and unset my email address from the system so that I can't simply do the password recovery.

If someone shows up later with a new username claiming to be me and asking for admin privileges on the new account, then please block him. Either it is someone else lying to you, or it really is me, about to walk into the same trap yet again.

Sorry guys. Please be clear that I leave with best wishes and absolutely no ill-feelings.

If anyone really wants to contact me, then please ask user Lloffiwr to forward me a message, as we had an exchange of emails some months ago so she knows my real name and my email address.