Documentation icon Dogfennaeth nodyn[gweld] [golygu] [hanes] [puro]

This template converts Arabic numerals (that is, 1, 2, 3, etc) into Roman numerals (I, II, III etc). It currently works for any whole number between 1 and 4999999.

Usage golygu

Enter {{Roman|N}}, replacing "N" with a number.

Examples golygu

Arabic Numerals Template Call Roman Numerals
1 {{Roman|1}} I
2 {{Roman|2}} II
49 {{Roman|49}} XLIX
50 {{Roman|50}} L
51 {{Roman|51}} LI
1024 {{Roman|1024}} MXXIV
4999 {{Roman|4999}} MMMMCMXCIX
5000 {{Roman|5000}} V
5001 {{Roman|5001}} VI
1048576 {{Roman|1048576}} MXLVMMMDLXXVI
7654321 {{Roman|7654321}} N/A