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Pont y BorthGolygu

Diolch yn fawr i Thaf am y gwelliannau. Ond dwi'n dal yn ansicr am y frawddeg am Bont y Borth:

Mae hefyd lôn i feicwyr (a cherddwyr) ar yr hen bont Hafren a Phont y Borth am ddim.

I'm getting in a mess trying to write this in Welsh so here it is in English. Firstly, there are no tolls for cars either, according to [1]. There are, however, some narrow lanes, where overtaking is forbidden except for bikes overtaking other bikes, see the photo at [2]. For the purposes of the article Beic I think that that's too trivial a detail to be worth mentioning, although it could reasonably be mentioned in the Pont y Borth article. Also, given that that road sign expects there to be cyclists in the main carriageway, I think it's unlikely that they would be allowed to use the footpath. Alan 12:39, 11 Hydref 2009 (UTC)

Nôl i'r dudalen "Beic".