Wicipedia:Dolenni i dudalennau gwahaniaethu

This information is in English because it is aimed as a task for learners -- see Wicipedia:Cornel y dysgwyr -- but it could do with a Welsh translation if anyone is willing.


Pages should not link directly to disambiguation pages. A useful maintenance task is to fix such links, so that links go directly through to the page concerned. The disambiguation template, Nodyn:Gwahaniaethu, says:

os cyrhaeddoch yma trwy glicio ar ddolen mewn erthygl, gellwch wella'r ddolen trwy fynd yn ôl at yr erthygl honno a newid y ddolen fel ei bod yn cyfeirio'n syth at y dudalen gywir.

In other words, "if you arrived here by clicking on a link in an article, you can improve the link by going back to that article and changing the link so it directs straight to the correct page."


Here is how you might go about fixing the links to disambiguation pages.

  • First you have to find them. This is fairly easy. The disambiguation template puts pages in Categori:Gwahaniaethu. Go there, click on various pages, and then click on "Beth sy'n cysylltu yma" (in the tool box on the left).
  • Having found the links, you will probably change the links so that they each point straight to the correct page.

Fixing the disambiguation page instead


However, there is another case that we have to consider. In some situations, almost all the links to the disambiguation page that exist (or are ever likely to exist) refer to the same particular meaning. This is a strong sign that rather than change all the links, what you should do instead is make it so that the page with the title currently occupied by the disambiguation page should actually take you straight to the main meaning, and the disambiguation page -- let's say it's called Esiampl -- should be relegated to Esiampl (gwahaniethu).

There are actually two different variants of this. But in either case, start by renaming the disambiguation page from Esiampl to Esiampl (gwahaniethu), using the "symud" button. This will leave Esiampl (temporarily) as a redirect to Esiampl (gwahaniaethu) (you'll fix this in a moment).

Now you have to make a decision on what the most appropriate title for the page should be.

  • Case 1: Sometimes the most appropriate title is the current title of the page with the main meaning. For example the disambiguation page was actually somebody's surname, and the main title is the full name of the most famous person with that surname. In that case, just change the newly created redirection page (Esiampl) so that it points to this title instead of to Esiampl (gwhaniaethu), and then add a note to the top of the target page, saying something like:
Mae "Esiampl" yn cyfeirio yma. Am ystyron eraill gweler Esiampl (gwahaniaethu).
  • Case 2: But sometimes the most appropriate title is the title previously occupied by the disambiguation page, where there now stands a redirect page, for example, if the page with the main meaning had been unnecessarily relegated to Esiampl (rhywbeth). In that situation, you will want to move it back to Esiampl. To do this, you first have to ask an administrator to delete the redirect page Esiampl to make way for the move. Once this is done, move Esiampl (rhywbeth) to Esiampl, and add a note at Esiampl along the lines of:
Mae'r dudalen hon am __rhywbeth__. Am ystyron eraill gweler Esiampl (gwahaniaethu).
(Note - in this case, please do not be tempted to do a "cut and paste" move as an alternative to asking an administrator to delete the redirect page, as this will fail to move the page history appropriately.)