Wicipedia:Cornel y dysgwyr

Croeso i gornel y dysgwyr / Welcome to the learners' corner


The aim of this page is to help Welsh learners to make a contribution to the Wicipedia Cymraeg, within the limitations. Please feel free to expand it in whatever way will be most useful.

Tasks for learners / Gwaith dysgwyr

See also Nodyn:Croeso/en

Obviously most of the work in writing an encyclopedia in Welsh has to be done by fluent speakers. But not every task requires the ability to compose whole paragraphs of fluent text. If you can identify specific tasks where learners of the language can usefully help, then please list them here. Please also update the list as the status of these tasks develops.

About the learners / Am y dysgwyr


Although there is no need to list every learner, feel free to add info about yourself / links to user pages that you feel may be particularly relevant. (Only include currently active users.)

  • Defnyddiwr:Dysgwr - rydw i yn Sais a rydw i eisiau gwneud pethau fel rhoi llunau. Rydw i'n gallu gwneud y peth 'na heb bod i wybod llawer o Gymraeg gyda fi.

Resources for learners