Matthew Arnold

bardd a beirniad diwylliannol Prydeinig (1822-1888)

Roedd Matthew Arnold (24 Rhagfyr 182215 Ebrill 1888) yn fardd a llenor Saesneg.

Matthew Arnold
Ganwyd24 Rhagfyr 1822 Edit this on Wikidata
Laleham Edit this on Wikidata
Bu farw15 Ebrill 1888 Edit this on Wikidata
Lerpwl Edit this on Wikidata
DinasyddiaethTeyrnas Unedig Prydain Fawr ac Iwerddon Edit this on Wikidata
Alma mater
Galwedigaethbardd, ysgrifennwr, beirniad llenyddol, academydd, newyddiadurwr, arolygydd ysgol, awdur ysgrifau Edit this on Wikidata
Adnabyddus amThe Scholar-Gypsy, Thyrsis, Dover Beach, Tristram and Iseult, To Marguerite: Continued, Sohrab and Rustum, Balder Dead, On Translating Homer, Culture and Anarchy Edit this on Wikidata
TadThomas Arnold Edit this on Wikidata
MamMary Penrose Edit this on Wikidata
PriodFrances Lucy Wightman Edit this on Wikidata
PlantBasil Arnold, Eleanore Mary Caroline Arnold, Thomas Arnold, Lucy Charlotte Arnold, Richard Penrose Arnold, Trevenen William Arnold Edit this on Wikidata
Gwobr/auCymrawd Academi Celf a Gwyddoniaeth America Edit this on Wikidata

Ganed Arnold yn Laleham, Middlesex, yn fab hynaf Dr. Thomas Arnold, prifathro Ysgol Rugby. Aeth i Brifysgol Rhydychen ac yn ddiweddarach daeth yn ysgrifennydd preifat yr Arglwydd Lansdowne. Trwy ddylanwad Lansdowne daeth yn Arolygydd Ysgolion yn 1851, a phriododd Lucy Wightman yr un flwyddyn.

Cyhoeddodd Arnold ei gyfrol gyntaf o gerddi yn 1849, ac yn fuan daeth yn adnabyddus fel bardd. Yn 1857 daeth yn Athro Barddoniaeth yn Rhydychen. Cyhoeddodd nifer o lyfrau ar lenyddiaeth: On Translating Homer" (1861, 1862) a On the Study of Celtic Literature (1867). Ei gerdd fwyaf adnabyddus bellach yw ei gerdd ddiweddar Dover Beach.

Gweithiau (anghyflawn) golygu

Barddoniaeth golygu

  • Alaric at Rome. A Prize Poem (1840)
  • Cromwell. A Prize Poem (1843)
  • The Strayed Reveller and Other Poems (1849)
  • Empedocles on Etna and Other Poems (1852, 1900)
  • Poems. A New Edition (1853)
  • Poems. Second Series (1855)
  • Merope. A Tragedy (1858)
  • New Poems (1867)
  • A Matthew Arnold Birthday Book (1883)
  • The Works of Matthew Arnold (hrsg. v. G. W. E. Russell, 15 Bde.,1903)
  • The Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold (hrsg. v. Tinker u. H. F. Lowry,1950)
  • The Poems of Matthew Arnold (hrsg. v. Kenneth Allott, 1965)

Traethodau, Beirniadaeth Lenyddol a rhyddiaith arall golygu

  • England and the Italian Question (hrsg. v. Merle M. Bevington, 1859)
  • The Popular Education of France, with Notices of That of Holland and Switzerland (1861)
  • On Translating Homer. Three Lectures Given at Oxford (1861)
  • On Translating Homer. Last Words. A Lecture Given at Oxford (1862)
  • Heinrich Heine (1863)
  • A French Eton; or, Middle Class Education and the State (1864)
  • Essays in Criticism (1865)
  • Schools and Universities on the Continent (1867)
  • On the Modern Element in Literature (1869)
  • Culture and Anarchy. An Essay in Political and Social Criticism (1869)
  • Literature and Dogma. An Essay towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible (1873)
  • Higher Schools and Universities in Germany (1874)
  • God and the Bible. A Review of Objections to "Literature and Dogma" (1875)
  • Last Essays on Church and Religion (1877)
  • Mixed Essays (1879)
  • The Study of Poetry (1880)
  • Irish Essays, and Others (1882)
  • Friendship's Garland Being the Conversations, Letters and Opinions of the Late Arminius, Baron von Thunder-ten-Tronckh (1883)
  • On the Study of Celtic Literature (1883)
  • St. Paul and Protestantism; with an Introduction on Puritanism and the Church of England (1883)
  • Culture and Anarchy (1883)
  • Discourses in America (1885)
  • Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve. In: Encyclopedia Britannica, neunte Auflage, IX: S. 162-165 (1886)
  • Education Department (1886) Special Report on Certain Points Connected with Elementary Education in Germany, Switzerland, and France
  • General Grant: An Estimate (1887)
  • Schools: In The Reign of Queen Victoria (hrsg. v. T. H. Ward, II: S. 238-279, 1887)
  • Essays in Criticism. Second Series (1888)
  • Civilization in the United States. First and Last Impressions of America (1888)
  • Reports on Elementary Schools 1852-1882 (hrsg. v. Sir Francis Sandford,1889)