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The claim that Galileo discovered the four brightest moons of Jupiter is not true. All four can be seen with the unaided eye. One was seen by Gan De 2,000 years before the time of Galileo. See the English Wikipedia.

In fact the Enwiki article on Galileo Galilei says nothing of the sort. The article there on Gan De includes the suggestion that the Chinese astronomer saw one of the moons of Jupiter, but also indicates that this is disputed. The Cywiki article on Galileo needs to be expanded, but this is a very tangential issue I'm afraid. The fact is that Galileo's very careful observations of the four moons of Jupiter over a period was major achievement for scientific method and for intellectual history. Beth bynnag, does dim erthygl am Gan De yma; falle fydda i'n gwneud rhywbeth amdano. Craigysgafn (sgwrs) 11:08, 26 Ebrill 2019 (UTC)
Galileo's first observations of the four were on 7/1/1610. Marius's first notes were on 8/1/1610. Both are by the Gregorian calendar. These remarks have been deleted twice from the English Wikipedia. I am sure that you don't want more detail about the edit war in the English Wikipedia.
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