Removing someone's comments just because you disagree we them is not right. You justified it by the words "removed crosswiki harrasment"; but where is the harassment? Lolox76 is incorrect in some of the things he / she says, but that is no reason to gag him. Llywelyn2000 06:21, 3 Awst 2011 (UTC)

Dear Llywelyn2000, I didn't remove someone's comments just because of a disagreement. Lolox76 has been pushing "Artur Balder" on multiple Wikimedia projects. MoiraMoira and Tegel interfered, followed by crosswiki harassment/defamation (i.e. placing this text on several projects, in which he falsely accuses MoiraMoira of vandalism, and since 3 August 2011 this text, in which he - among other things - accuses two Dutch sysops of anti-semitism) and legal threats (I'm working on an overview of his wrongdoings here). Yours sincerely, Mathonius 06:41, 3 Awst 2011 (UTC)
Many thanks for your quick reply. I'm well aware of all you say, or certainly nearly all. But I do think we have a right to see the argument, whatever that is, as I have already stated above. If he has made illegal remarks on other wikis then by all means delete them there asap, but so far he hasn't done that on Wici CY; he has and should have the right to say his say, speak his speak as long as he keeps within the law. Thanks for keeping an eye on things. Llywelyn2000 07:27, 3 Awst 2011 (UTC)


Thanks for your help during the last few weeks. Diolch yn fawr. Llywelyn2000 18:59, 18 Medi 2011 (UTC)

You're very welcome. Mathonius 04:18, 19 Medi 2011 (UTC)