Helo! Pete dw i. (fy enw defnyddiwr yw spacebungle) Alla i ddim siarad Cymraeg yn dda. Mae rhaid i fi astudio!! Hwyl! cy:defnyddiwr:spacebungle en:user:spacebungle

Helo Pete, croeso i'r Wicipedia Cymraeg. You need a separate account for each different wiki, although it is possible to edit the majority of articles (on all wikis I assume) without logging in, although it is preferable to register and be logged in so that others know who made which edit.
Mae croeso i ti ofyn i mi am unrhyw gymorth / you're welcome to ask me for any help, leave a message on my tudalen sgwrs (my talkpage).
There's also a special learners section, although I'm not too sure of it's purpose yet! I think it's so that those who want to help expand the Welsh wiki, but who are a bit unsure of their Welsh just yet can see what tasks need doing (helping with categories etc).--Ben Bore 10:09, 17 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch yn fawr, Ben! Much appreciated :-) Spacebungle 15:25, 17 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Unified LoginGolygu

What Rhys says about separate accounts isn't strictly correct. See unified login. As you have the same username on both wikis, it should work for you. Alan012 07:18, 18 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks a lot! Diolch yn fawr! I wen there and did the unified login thingymebob Spacebungle 03:44, 19 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am...?Golygu

Dw i'n moyn gwybod...

  • Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am "Would you mind ...ing ...?"?
try www.rhegiadur.com (slightly advanced / obscene)--Ben Bore 13:32, 21 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch yn fawr, Ben. Cheers! It's a great help :-)
  • Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am "How do I say...?"? (Yeah I know, it's similar to "What's the Welsh for...?" but there's no harm in knowing more than one way to say something, right?)
"Sut ydw i'n dweud....?"--Ben Bore 13:32, 21 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
  • Beth ydy'r Cymraeg am "References" --> Cyfeiriadau??
'Cyfeiriadu' dw i'n ddefnyddio, gobeitiho ei fod yn iawn! / that's what I use, i hope it's right!--Ben Bore 13:32, 21 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

--Spacebungle 06:34, 19 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

--Spacebungle 17:58, 24 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

"Cyfieithwyd yn rhannol o'r dudalen Gymraeg". Anatiomaros 18:02, 24 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
WOW! Cyflym! Diolch am cynorthwyo, Anatiomaros! (Did I say that correctly??) --Spacebungle 18:06, 24 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Croeso! You missed the treiglad meddal after "am" ("am gymorthwyo"), that's all. Anatiomaros 18:25, 24 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Yikes - treiglad! I gotta put some time aside to studying them. I never paid attention in school. I tended to write "Gwaith Dosbarth" then the date, then spend the rest of the lesson tattoing myself with biro. What a well-spent education, eh?! ;-)--Spacebungle 18:29, 24 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Saesneg / SeisnigGolygu

On your user page you have:

Llanpumsaint (tudalen Saesneg) --> Should it be the adjective "Seisnig" or the noun "Saesneg"??

Speaking as a learner myself, but I'm pretty sure it's Saesneg. It's the same distinction as between Cymraeg and Cymreig: the "-eg" form relates to the language, the other to the land/culture. It's the English language Wikipedia, not the England Wikipedia.

On a related note, I removed a link from the article Cymraeg ar y rhyngrwyd to a web page called Siop Cymraeg, with a wry observation that the site was in English. It wasn't appropriate in the article, so it had to go, but it is an interesting example of how to get it wrong. It means "Welsh language shop", and yet indeed the whole website is in English (apart from the name), so it should have been "Siop Gymreig". Likewise, see this page, and the comment that somebody has added to it! Alan012 16:20, 20 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch yn fawr, Alan! That was my guess! Thanks for clearing that one up. It's little things like this that are the hardest to find the answer to by trawling websites!


Hi! We made a category: Categori:Defnyddwyr o'r tu allan i Gymru (Wikipedians outside of Wales). If you are out of Wales, as I see, you can put it into your user page, as I did. - Eino81 05:09, 21 Medi 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]