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I am Anthere. I only speak french and english. I hope someone will be able to translate this, and I apologise if I did not put it in the right place :-)

I would like that information circulate better between wikipedias, so that all wikipedians can participate more, and keep its own identity at the same time.

For this reason, I recently set a page on meta, m: Goings-on.

Hopefull, at any time, this page could indicate the current discussions, polls, votes or general announcements. 3 pages were already locally created on the spanish, the french and the english wikipedia. A global one is now on meta.

Each local page is about general on-goings as well as local ones.
Meta page aims at being about global occurences.

The page is different from the announcement page. The announcement is more oriented toward external communication (such as number of pages, special adverstisement), while the on-goings aim at mentionning community events (such as a new feature poll, elections of board of trustees).

To compare both pages :

It would be great that each wikipedia in time, set a similar page, so that information could flow more easily between wikipedia. If you do so, please do set the goings-on page locally, so that every wikipedians on *your* wikipedia can see it and participate to it, and please link it to the meta page.

For bigger wikipedia, it is also interesting to set a goings-on page to relieve the local village pump, often clogged with information request.

For small wikipedias, it makes sense to merge the goings-on in the village pump, perhaps by making a separate paragraph.

I am also looking for people who would agree to update the local goings-on in their language. Please, contact me at my talk page for any support, suggestion and feedback.

Thank you very much for your attention :-) Anthere

Hello :-) Me again. I wanted to thank you for the support on the steward matter. It meant a lot to me :-) Anthere

Tanlinelli linciau


Dwi wedi sylweddoli fod linciau mewnwici wedi eu tanlinelli heb symud y llygoden dros y linc. Ar ôl edrych trwy rhai or wicipedias eraill, mae'n ymddangos taw'r wici Cymraeg yw'r unig un gyda'r broblem yma. Ai rhywbeth i wneud gyda'r meddalwedd yw'r broblem yma? Dwi ddim ond dweud hwn oherwydd byddai'r tudalennau'n edrych yn daclusach heb danlinelli pob geirenw perthnasol (byddai'n enwedig yn helpu golwg yr erthyglau sydd â llawer o jargon, ac felly llawer o linciau). Oes modd cyweirio hwn? Tomos ANTIGUA Tomos 20:34, 28 Chwefror 2007 (UTC)