Gwiwer llwyd
dw i'n hoffi gwiwerod, hefyd.

Shwmae. Marnanel ydw i. Roeddwn i'n byw yng Nghaergrawnt, a dw i'n dod o Letchworth yn wreiddiol, ond dw i'n byw ym Mhensylfania nawr. Dw i'n hoffi siocled.

Please: My Welsh is nowhere near perfect. I'm learning, but it's a long process. If I make a mistake on Wicipedia, especially a grammatical one, of course feel free to fix it, but also please let me know about it so I learn. Diolch yn fawr!

"well, when I was writing about the ISO language codes on Wicipedia, I wrote that 'thl' was Klingon, you see, but I didn't know the Welsh for Klingon[1] so I just wrote 'Clingoneg'... but now I've thought about it, the Klingon for Klingon is 'tlhingan hol'... I don't speak Klingon, you realise, I just happen to know that... anyway, it's 'tlhingan hol', and that 'tlh' is a sound which appears in only a few other languages, Navajo is one, and it's very similar to the 'll' sound in Welsh, and I'm guessing that the name 'Klingon' in English is a corruption of it. Because English speakers find it hard to make that sound, and they often say 'kl' instead, like they'll say Claneckly instead of Llanelli. And so I think maybe the word for Klingon should be something like "Llingoneg", because if a Welsh speaker had been the first person to meet a Klingon... I can't believe I just said that."
For what it's worth, the guys at Google think it's Clingoneg -- see here. Llareggub 17:43, 19 Awst 2005 (UTC)

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