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Institution Resident’s name Residency period Period Covered Date of report
Menter Iaith Môn Aaron Morris March 2017 - Present May 2019 – July 2019 22/08/2019

Projects deliveredGolygu

Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge Finished with all school in the time between February and April. Including Ysgol David Hughes (Menai Bridge), Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni, Ysgol Tryfan (Bangor)and Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones (Amlwch). All schools will now concentrate on the Wiki Clubs. Some will be working with Primary school children, some will be targeting teachers and some will be targeting local community homes. Four pupils from Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones (who had previously worked on the Welsh BAC initiative) went to their local Primary school to carry out a workshop with year 5 pupils. The plan was to write STEM orientated articles and try to get more girls involved in STEM subjects. This happened on the morning of the 16th of July.

WiciBach Ongoing Primary School work where we target year 5 and 6 pupils. Wikipedia awareness sessions and Workshops involving research, coding, referencing, uploading pictures. We visited 8 new schools between the period of May-July and created 1-2 accounts for each school.

STEM subjects As part of our Wikimedia UK targets we decided to create a new WiciMôn module that concentrated on STEM subjects. We have received permission from WJEC to use their digital material (and of course refer back to them) and work with GCSE pupils to write articles on things they are studying in class as a tool to revise for their exams. It's a good way of reinforcing what they've learnt already in the classroom. There were two schools participating - Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern and Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Caernarfon. And the pupils were handpicked by the STEM coordinator in the school. These pupils had to be pretty strong in their Welsh Language to participate.(Around 8-10 pupils in total.) We also had a meeting with another school - Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni and the STEM coordinator is eager to try this new module out for September on wards. The plan is to spread these sessions out over the next 12 months and have them whenever these pupils have an exam. (or few weeks prior.)

WiciNatur A new project concentrating on weaving nature with Wikipedia. This project involved two Primary schools on the Island. Ysgol Gynradd Biwmares and Ysgol Llangoed. These schools have a nature reserve and the aim of the project was to write a few articles about it. This included facts about the nature reserve itself and the species/animals/plants found there. It was a project ran together with another of Menter Mon's projects - Cwlwm Seiriol. The first session was an introduction to year 5 and 6 about Wicipedia. Then there was a presentation explaining Cwlwm Seiriol's work and ending on how both projects would benefit from each other, namely writing about the nature reserve and putting everything on the Welsh Wikipedia. This would also involve taking pictures and loading them on WikiMedia Commons. The second session was going to the nature reserve itself to take pictures and to collect information. The third session would be feeding the information on Wici. We created a video documenting the whole process as well.

Ysgol Gynradd Biwmares - 5/7, 12/7, 19/7 Ysgol Gynradd Llangoed - 4/6, 11/6, 2/7

Wythnos Addysg Oedolion/Adult Learners' week This was a project with The Anglesey County Council called 'Activities for Adult Week'. WiciMon were called in to run a workshop with year 5 and 6 pupils of Ysgol Rhyd y Llan in Llanfaethlu. The pupils then would teach the adults how to feed information on Wicipedia as part of the event.The pupils created their very own presentation about the world of Wikipedia that older people would understand.

Festival of Innovation Opportunity to work with STEM Gogledd - an organization that promotes Science in schools. One day event where 5/6 schools had the opportunity to write information on Wikipedia with the help of ex journalist (now politician) Rhun ap Iorwerth.

Strategic Goal 1Golygu

Increase the quality and quantity of coverage of subjects that are currently underrepresented on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects


  • Through participating in the Adult Learner Week activities (two afternoons) we researched and wrote about Anglesey history. Shipwrecks, old roman coins found at burial sites/chambers and so on.

Event Date and Duration Location No. of Attendees Usernames Name of trainers
Adult Learners' week 17/19 June - 4 hours Ysgol Rhyd y Llan, Anglesey 6 pupils Defnyddiwr:SerRhydyllanDefnyddiwr: Aaron Morris
Festival of Innovation 20 June - 6 hours M-Sparc Science Park, Gaerwen (Anglesey) 20 Defnyddiwr:GwrGwerinGora Aaron Morris

Strategic Goal 2Golygu

Support the development of open knowledge in the UK, by increasing the understanding and recognition of the value of open knowledge and advocating for change at an organisational, sectoral and public policy level


  • School projects (Secondary and Primary)
  • 2 presentations to new teachers (teachers that have just completed their first year teaching experience)
Event Date and Duration Location No. of Attendees Usernames Links
Workshop in Ysgol Amlwch (Primary) 23/5/19 2.5 hours Amlwch, Anglesey 25ish # Defnyddiwr: #Defnyddiwr:Defnyddiwr:YsgolGAmlwch
Workshop in Ysgol Gwenfaen, Rhoscolyn (Primary) 24/5/2019 Rhoscolyn, Anglesey 20ish Defnyddiwr: #Defnyddiwr:YsgolRhoscolyn Defnyddiwr:YsgolRhoscolyn2
Workshop in Ysgol Gynradd Llangoed,(Primary) 4/6/19 2.5 hour Llangoed 20ish
Workshop in Ysgol Gynradd Biwmares,(Primary) 5/6/19 2.5 hour Biwmares 20ish
Workshop in Ysgol y Fali,(Primary) 6/6/19 2 hour Y Fali - Anglesey 30ish Defnyddiwr:
Workshop in Ysgol Rhyd y Llan,(Primary) 6/6/19 2hour Llanfaethlu, Anglesey 15ish Defnyddiwr:
Presentation in Ysgol Pencarnisiog,(Primary) 6/6/19 2hour Pencarnisiog, Anglesey 20ish
Presentation for teachers on Wikipedia 12/6/19 20 minutes Plas Menai, Caernarfon 30
Workshop in Ysgol Biwmares,(Primary) 12/6/19 2hour Biwmares, Anglesey 15ish
Workshop in Ysgol Rhyd y Llan,(Primary) Adult Learners' Week 17/6/19 2hour Llanfaethlu, Anglesey 6 # Defnyddiwr:SerRhydyllanDefnyddiwr:
Workshop in Ysgol Llangoed,(Primary) 19/6/19 2.5hour Llangoed, Anglesey 15ish # Defnyddiwr: Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed1 Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed2
Festival of Innovation 20/6/19 6hour M-Sparc, Gaerwen 20 Defnyddiwr:GwrGwerinGora
Workshop in Ysgol Gwenfaen,(Primary) 24/6/19 2hour Rhoscolyn, Anglesey 20ish #
Workshop in Ysgol Llangoed,(Primary) 2/7/19 2.5 hour Llangoed, Anglesey 15ish # Defnyddiwr: Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed1 Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed2
Presentation in Ysgol Moelfre,(Primary) 28/6/19 2hour Moelfre, Anglesey 15ish #
'Skills Week' Workshop in Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni,(Secondary) 8/7/19 2hour Llangefni, Anglesey 60ish # Defnyddiwr:GwrGwerinGora
Presentation in Ysgol Goronwy Owen,(Primary) 28/6/19 2hour Benllech, Anglesey 20ish #
'Skills Week' Workshop in Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni,(Secondary) 8/7/19 2hour Llangefni, Anglesey 60ish # Defnyddiwr:
Workshop in Ysgol Biwmares,(Primary) 12/6/19 2.5hour Biwmares, Anglesey 15ish # Defnyddiwr:YsgB Defnyddiwr: Defnyddiwr:Duncan Brown
Workshop in Ysgol Gwenfaen,(Primary) 24/6/19 2hour Rhoscolyn, Anglesey 20ish # Defnyddiwr: Defnyddiwr:YsgolRhoscolyn Defnyddiwr:YsgolRhoscolyn2
Meeting with STEM Coordinator (Teacher) at Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern 12/7/19 2hour Bodedern, Anglesey
Workshop in Ysgol Moelfre,(Primary) 15/7/19 2hour Moelfre, Anglesey 15ish # Defnyddiwr:YsgolMoelfre Defnyddiwr:YsgolMoelfre2 Defnyddiwr:
STEM Workshop in Ysgol Amlwch (Primary) 15/7/19 2.5 hours Amlwch, Anglesey 25ish # Defnyddiwr: #Defnyddiwr:Defnyddiwr:YsgolGAmlwch Defnyddiwr:Arianrhod123 Defnyddiwr:Blodeuwedd123Defnyddiwr:Rhiannon123
STEM Workshop in Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern,(Secondary) 17/7/19 2hour Bodedern, Anglesey 10 # Defnyddiwr:GT16104 Defnyddiwr: Defnyddiwr:Pryderi Hedd Defnyddiwr:GwrGwerinGora
Workshop in Ysgol Goronwy Owen,(Primary) 28/6/19 2hour Benllech, Anglesey 20ish # Defnyddiwr:YsgolGO Defnyddiwr:YsgolGO2

Strategic Goal 3Golygu

To support the use of the Wikimedia projects as important tools for education and learning in the UK


Meetings with primary school teachers/headteachers about the WiciBach project (Wici sessions for primary schools) and numerous other establishments.

  • Digital Competence Framework Teacher at Ysgol Pencarnisiog, Anglesey (5/6)
  • WiciNatur (WikiNature) meeting with Headmistress at Ysgol Gynradd Biwmares, Anglesey (21/5)
  • Presentation to ANG Teachers (new teachers) about the benefits of using Wikipedia in the classroom (12/6 + 21/6)


New articles = 3

Articles improved = 82

Views on pages created = 237

Views on pages improved = 81

New UsersGolygu

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  15. Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed1
  16. Defnyddiwr:YsgolLlangoed2
  17. Defnyddiwr:SerRhydyllan

Projects in developmentGolygu

  • Will be working on training the Mentrau Iaith workers and they will be implementing Wicipedia's work around Wales.
  • Will be working on a new project for the National Library of Wales. 'WiciLlen' (Wiki Literature).
  • Digital diversity workshop on the 12th of September in M-Sparc Science Park, Gaerwen.