Shwmae, Oxford! Croeso mawr i Wicipedia — y gwyddoniadur rhydd. Welcome message in English
Diolch am ymuno â Wicipedia ac am eich cyfraniadau diweddaraf — fe obeithiwn y byddwch yn mwynhau cyfrannu yma.
Prosiect amlieithog i greu gwyddoniadur rhydd yw Wicipedia. Fe sefydlwyd y fersiwn gwreiddiol yn Saesneg yn 2001, a'r fersiwn Cymraeg yn 2003, a bellach mae 134,887 erthygl gennym. Rhowch gynnig ar y dolenni defnyddiol isod, a dysgu sut gallwch chi olygu unrhyw erthygl o ganlyniad. A chofiwch — dyfal donc a dyr y garreg.
Y Caffi
Tudalen i ofyn cwestiynau ynglŷn â Wicipedia.
Cymorth ynglŷn â defnyddio Wicipedia.
Porth y Gymuned
Gwelwch beth sy'n mynd ymlaen a beth
sydd angen gwneud yma.
Golygu ac Arddull
Sut i olygu erthygl ac arddull erthyglau.
Y rheolau hawlfraint yma.
Cymorth iaith
Cymorth gyda'r iaith Gymraeg.
Polisïau a Chanllawiau
Rheolau a safonau a dderbynnir gan y gymuned.
Cwestiynau Cyffredin
Y cwestiynau cyffredin a ofynnir gan ddefnyddwyr.
Tiwtorial a'r Ddesg Gyfeirio
Dysgu sut i olygu cam wrth gam gyda'r Tiwtorial,
a chyflwynwch eich cwestiynau wrth y Ddesg Gyfeirio.
Y Pum Colofn
Egwyddorion sylfaenol y prosiect.

Dyma eich tudalen sgwrs lle gallwch dderbyn negeseuon gan Wicipedwyr eraill. I adael neges i Wicipedwr arall, dylech ysgrifennu ar dudalen sgwrs y defnyddiwr gan glicio ar y cysylltiad iddi, ac wedyn clicio ar y tab "sgwrs".

Ar ddiwedd y neges mewn tudalennau sgwrs (fel yr un yma), gadewch ~~~~, a bydd y cod yma yn gadael stamp eich enw ac amser gadael y neges. Os ydych am gael cymorth gan weinyddwyr, rhowch y nodyn {{Atsylwgweinyddwr}} ar eich tudalen sgwrs.

Fe obeithiwn y byddwch yn mwynhau cyfrannu yma,
Y Wicipedia Cymraeg

Cofion cynnes, -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 02:23, 28 Gorffennaf 2011 (UTC)

Diolch am gyfrannu; ond...Golygu

Diolch am gyfrannu. Ga i awgrymu i ti'n garedig y gelli ddal ati i weithio ar un o'th erthyglau h.y. ychwanegu delwedd, dolen iw, ac ychwanegu ffeithiau at un o'r erthyglau rwyt ti eisioes wedi'u creu e.e. Marston CYN sgwennu rhagor o erthyglau. Mae safon ein herthyglau yma ar Wici yn bwysicach na'r niferoedd. Os wyt ti isio gwybod sut mae gwneud rhywbeth jest gofyn. Mae'n bwysig rwan fod yr erthyglau rwyt ti wedi'u cychwyn yn cael eu datblygu ymhellach gent ti, neu mi fyddant yn cael eu dileu. Llywelyn2000 21:33, 28 Gorffennaf 2011 (UTC)

Rydw i wedi gwneud e nawr. Rydw i wedi cyfieithu y paragraph cyntaf o'r erthygl Saesneg. Rydw i wedi ychwanegu un llun hefyd. Rydw i'n gobeithio mae e'n iawn nawr. Dydw i ddim eisiau bydd pobl yn dileu'r erthyglau. Dydy e ddim fy erthygl. Mae'r erthygl gyda pawb. Oxford 01:01, 29 Gorffennaf 2011 (UTC)

Hoffwn i helpu. 'Rwy wedi dysgu amser maith yn ol. Sut wyt ti'n dysgu? Hwyl am y tro. --Panadode 11:55, 7 Medi 2011 (UTC)

"Dosbarth nos", a mae ychydig am dysgwyr ar y wefan BBC hefyd. Hefyd ceisio i ddarllen y newyddion ar y BBC, anodd ond rydw i'n gwybod y cyd-destun os rydw i'n darllen y stori yn Saesneg cyntaf. Mae fy nghyfle i ymarfer pryd rydw i gyda fy nghyfnither. Mae e'n helpu llawer, ond rhaid i e ddefnyddio ymbarel pryd rydw i'n ymarfer dweud "ll"! Oxford 12:15, 7 Medi 2011 (UTC)

Rydw i'n hoffi gyda treiglad rydych chi'n gallu osgoi dweud "ll", "Tocyn i Lanberis", ond rhaid i chi ddweud "ll" yn Saesneg, "Ticket to Llanberis"!

(Nodyn:Croeso also received from Deb - thanks, Deb)


Hey. Thanks for reverting the vandalism earlier. What did you mean when you put "We've already done this one, and it's boring" in the crynodeb? Reply here and I'll bookmark your talk page. -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 17:45, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)

Glenn, thanks for your question. The earlier discussion I was referring to was at Sgwrs:Cynghanedd Erin, which has recently been deleted, but which is still in Google's cache, and which also I think that as an administrator you may still be able to see on the wiki. With the caveat that I was using Google Translate to quickly get the gist of what was being said rather than try to understand every detail, the vandal appeared today to be essentially rehashing the same allegations previously made there, and my feeling about it is still every bit the same as before, namely that it is not a matter that a vandal has any right to complain about. If such matters are of genuine concern to established contributors, then okay that's up to them, but when complaints of this nature are raised by vandals I think the appropriate response is just to revert and not get drawn into discussions. Given that the allegations are unproven anyway, I don't even want to repeat them on this page, though as I say they are temporarily in the Google cache. This should answer why I wrote "we've already done this one". As regards "and it's boring", well frankly all of the dealings with the vandal are boring, and you'll see I wrote that in the summary of pretty much every reversion today. Oxford 19:18, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)

P.S. I am seriously considering leaving Wicipedia, and instead watching S4C via the internet as a more productive focus for putting my Welsh into practice. This is not primarily because of the tediousness of the vandal (I wouldn't give him the victory in that way), but rather that my Welsh is still far too basic for here really. It would probably still be good for me to read Wici articles, but from the point of view of the editing community that's still essentially the same as leaving entirely. If I do that, I might register an email address before I go so that I am still contactable - I just haven't got round to doing it yet. Oxford 19:48, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)

Don't want to put you off editing Wicipedia (we can't afford to lose any contributors), but instead of trying to create articles from scratch and maybe getting unstuck, why not (in the case of towns in Oxford for example), take existing articles on a similar place, and just amending the details. Might sound a bit tedious, and not always practical if some have unique features not present in other places etc., but might still be a worthwhile practice. When there's less vandalising, there's the tediousness of categorization, infobox creating and suck like to be done.
Watching S4C can be useful, and listening to Radio Cymru on i-Player (like S4C, some shows are better than others). I'm also a promoter of Welsh language blogs. A lot of Welsh learners (within Wales, but mostly outside of Wales) keep blogs, which is a great way of improving one's written Welsh, and they all tend to comment on each others post and more importantly encourage and support each other. This guy's blogroll is a good starter.--Ben Bore 20:19, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)
Many thanks for the suggestions. To be honest, I find the blog idea more appealing than categorisation etc (even if "suck like" was just a typo!), though again I think I'd start with just posting the odd comment on other peoples' before trying to write my own. I think I'll give Radio Cymru a miss though - with the S4C there is the visual clue to what's being said, as well as English or Welsh subtitles, and I've already found I can pick up the odd word. With the Radio, I can't understand a word of it. Oxford 20:40, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for clearing that up, Oxford! I'd also hasten to add that you'd be a loss to the Wicipedia community - your Welsh is better than mine when I started contributing - seriously! I personally use a Welsh localisation of my browser, with a Welsh spellcheck on it. I also use Cysill and Cysgair - Cysill is of tremendous help in checking mutations that I've missed etc! It's available on-line - Google it :D Along with Ben Bore's idea, a lot of towns and places need revamping with the Nodyn:Infobox UK place - you just copy and paste it straight from en without changing the parameters, but the text (Wales to Cymru etc). Again, it'd be sad to see you leave, and don't let the vandals put you off! -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 21:36, 8 Medi 2011 (UTC)

Rest assured that if I do decide to leave (as is still pretty much on the cards, I must say), then it will not be because of vandal(s) but how I can best get Welsh practice at the level I'm at. Oxford 07:31, 9 Medi 2011 (UTC)
I'm glad it wouldn't be because of them. If you did stay, again, the 'places' articles would appreciate your time and effort :) And I've also gotten rid of comments per vandalism etc from your history. -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 20:05, 11 Medi 2011 (UTC)


Diolch am dy gyfraniad!


Llywelyn2000 03:45, 16 Medi 2011 (UTC)