Steve Tilston

Canwr gwerin yw Steve Tilston (ganwyd 26 Mawrth 1950)[1]. Mae o'n chwarae gitar, mandolin, banjo ac Arpeggione.

Steve Tilston yng Ngŵyl Tegeingl: Llun gan Llinos Lanini (
Steve Tilston yng Ngŵyl Tegeingl, 2008


Ganwyd Steve Tilston yn Lerpwl a magwyd ef yng nghanolbarth Lloegr. Symudodd yn ddiweddarach i Fryste ac wedyn i Lundain. Daeth yn gerddor proffesiynol ym 1970 [2]. Priododd y gantores Wyddelig Maggie Boyle, a gweithiasant fel cerddorion efo Ballet Rambert[1] am sbel, ond roedden nhw wedi gwahanu erbyn 1999. Ym 1987, sefydlodd Steve fand, Ship of Fools, efo Maggie Boyle, John Renbourn a Tony Roberts. Roedd yn bartneriaeth gerddorol efo Annette Batty, cantores o Coedpoeth|Goedpoeth]] a John Neilson, cerddor a cherfiwr llythrennau o Lansilin, ond unig ffrwyth eu partneriaeth ar record oedd Queen Cruelty ar Airs of the Dog (Mrs Ackroyd DOF 016). Mae Steve yn gweithio'n fyw efo John yn achlysurol hyd at heddiw. Mae ei ferch Martha a'i fab Joe yn canu hefyd. Yn ei amser hamdden, mae o'n saethwr bwa saeth brwd[3], ac wedi gwneud bwa ei hun gan ddefnyddio darn o bren ywen o Nant y Ffrith.

Yr ArpeggioneGolygu

Mae ganddo ddiddordeb mawr yn yr arpeggione, offeryn a chwaraeir efo bwa, ac adeiladwyd arpeggione iddo gan y Brawd Kinkade o Fryste.

All for Poor JackGolygu

Cyhoeddwyd ei nofel hanesyddol gan Isthmus yn 2010.


Rhestr o'i recordiadau.[4]

An Acoustic ConfusionGolygu

Village Thing VTS5 (LP) DU, 1971; Scenes Of SCOFCD 1002 (CD), UDA, 1998; Village Thing VTS 205 (CD), DU, 2007

1.I Really Wanted You 2.Simplicity 3.Time Has Shown Me Your Face 4.It's Not My Place to Fall 5.Train Time 6.Sleepy Time on Peel Street 7.Prospect of Love 8.Green Toothed Gardener 9.Normandy Day 10.Rock & Roll Star

Traciau bonws ar CD:

11.The Price of Life 12.Show a Little Kindness


Transatlantic TRA 252 (LP), DU, 1972; MCA MCA 315 (LP), UDA, 1973

1.Falling 2.Mind How You Go 3.City Life 4.All in a Dream 5.Highway 6 One Man Band 7 I'm Coming Home 8 Reaching Out 9 All in Her Time 10 Don't Let It Get You Down

Songs from the Dress RehearsalGolygu

Cornucopia Records CR/1 (LP), DU, 1977; Market Square MSMCD132 (CD), DU, 7 Mawrth, 2005

Traciau (LP):- 1. Coming into Love Again 2. Face of a Friend 3. Fairground Rock 'n' Roll 4. Do What You Please (Hey Girl) 5. The Greening Wind (Rhannau 1, 2 & 3) 6 Impressions 7. Liberated Ladies 8. In the Light Tonight 9. Make Time for Love 10. She's the Woman 11. Rain All Around 12. Help Yourself to This Song

Traciau (CD):-

1. Do What You Please (Hey Girl) 2. Face of a Friend 3. She's the Woman 4. The Greening Wind 5. Impressions 6. In the Light Tonight 7. Make Time for Love 8. Coming into Love Again 9. Fairground Rock 'n' Roll 10. Rain All Around 11. Help Yourself to This Song 12. In Limbo 13. Man of Mystery 14. Mr Dreamer 15. Sing for Salvation 16. Love's an Illusion 17. I'll Be There

In for a penny in for a poundGolygu

Recordiadau TW, PROP 4 (LP), DU, 1983

1. Easy Come, Easy Go 2. Stirring It Up 3. Who Is That Girl 4. Red Sky 5. B Movie 6. Don't Look Down 7. Say No Again 8. New Disguise 9. One of These Days 10. Wounds of Love

Life by MisadventureGolygu

Run River RRA 001 (LP), DU, 1987 Market Square MSMCD108 (CD), DU, 2001

1. These Days 2. Nowhere to Hide 3. Here Comes the Night 4. I Call Your Name 5. Lazy Tango 6. Life by Misadventure 7. Lovers and Dreamers 8. Polonaise 9. Tsetse Fly Shuffle 10. Sometimes in This Life

Hefyd ar fersiwn CD:-

cymerwyd o Swans at Coole, 1990

Rhyddhawyd These Days a Lazy Tango ar Run River RRA S001 (DU), 1987

John Renbourn's Ship of FoolsGolygu

John Renbourn, Maggie Boyle, Steve Tilston, Tony Roberts

Run River RRA 009 (LP), DU, 1988) Flying Fish FF 70466 (LP), UDA, 1988) Castle CMRCD1248 (CD), DU, 2005)

1.Searching for Lambs (Roud 576) 2.Sandwood Down to Kyle 3.Bogie's Bonnie Belle (Roud 2155) 4.Lark in the Clear Air 5.The Martinmass Wind 6. Cobbler’s Jig / Maltese Brawls 7. I Live Not Where I Love (Roud 593) 8. The Verdant Braes of Skreen (Roud 419) 9. Ship of Fools 10. Travellers’ Prayer

Silently the Snow FallsGolygu

Steve Tilston, Peter Finger, Seth Austen Shanachie 95007 (CD), UDA, 1989

1.Christmas Eve (3.10) 2.Angels on High (1.55) 3.Silent Night (3.00) 4.Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (2.57) 5.The Three Ships Suite (9.25) 6. Between the Ox and the Little Donkey (2.40) 7. Silently the Snow Falls (4.19) 8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Roud 8337) (2.48) 9. Early in the Morning (2.25) 10.Through the Forest of Thorn (3.02) 11.O Holy Night (2.28)

Swans at CooleGolygu

Run River RRA 011 (LP), DU, 1990 1 Rhapsody 2.The Wind That Shakes the Barley / The Ladies Pantalettes reels 3.Planxty Corcoron (Turlough O'Carolan) 4.Prelude 5.Ernie Clarke's Lament 6.Lullaby 7.The Monaghan Jig

Of Moor and MesaGolygu

efo Maggie Boyle; Run River RRA CD 0018 DU, 1992 Green Linnet GLCD 3087, UDA, 1993)

1. Another Place to Hide 2. If I Were a Blackbird (Roud 387) 3. Then You Remember 4. Silver Dagger (Roud 711; Laws G21) 5. Sprig of Thyme (Roud 3) 6. The Slip Jigs and Reels 7. The Night Owl Homeward Turns 8. These Sea Dreams 9. The Lamentation of Hugh Reynolds (Roud 2395) 10. Coronado and the Turk 11. Banks of the Sweet Primroses (Roud 586) 12. The Naked Highwayman 13. The Banks of Claudy (Roud 266; Laws N40) 14. Salvation Is Such a Long Way to Go

The Music of O'CarolanGolygu

Steve Tilston, Seth Austen, Angelo Eleuteri, Duck Baker: Shanachie 95009 (LP), UDA, 1987 Shanachie 97023 (CD), UDA, 1992

1.Planxty Irwin 2.Thomas Leixlip the Proud 3.Planxty Eleanor Plunkett 4.Carolan's Ramble to Cashel 5.O'Carolan's Farewell to Music 6.Blind Mary 7.Bridget Cruise 8.O'Hara's Cup 9.O'Carolan's Concerto 10.Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of His Half Pence 11.Princess Royal 12.Planxty George Brabazon 13.Hewlett 14.Carolan's Welcome

Traciau CD 1.O'Carolan's Concerto 2.Planxty Irwin 3.O'Hara's Cup 4.Thomas Leixlip the Proud 5.Carolan's Ramble to Cashel 6.O'Carolan's Farewell to Music 7.Princess Royal 8.Blind Mary 9.Planxty Eleanor Plunkett 10.Hewlett 11.Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of His Half Pence 12.Planxty George Brabazon 13.Bridget Cruise 14.Carolan's Welcome

And so it goesGolygu

Hubris, 1995 Flying Fish CD FF 653 UDA, 1996 1. Soon Comes the Rain 2. And So It Goes… 3. Don't Blame the Wind 4. Hideaway 5. Enter the Tooth Fairy 6. Goodbye to the Snow 7. Can't Shake These Blues 8. Is This the Same Boy? 9. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow (Roud 13; Child 214) 10. Back Where I Came From 11. Skegness 12. Blues for the Northwind 13. Lilypond

All under the sunGolygu

Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle Flying Fish CD FF 663 UDA, 1996

1. Let Your Banjo Ring 2. The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair (Roud 3032) 3. Here’s to Tom Paine 4. Fair Annie (Roud 42; Child 62) 5. Man Gone Down (Fred’s Song) 6. Linden Lea (Roud B104645) 7. The Cage 8. The Navvy 9. Dark Days of War 10. Willie the Ploughboy (Roud 2938) 11. The Threepenny Bit 12. A Fool Such As I


Fellside FECD134 DU 1998

1. Living with the Blues 2. Life Is Not Kind (to the Drinking Man) 3. Blue Heron’s Eye 4. Never Enough 5. Turning of the Tides 6. The Night Visiting Song (Roud 22568) 7. These Grey Days Are Done 8. Roving on a Winter's Night (Roud 3601) 9. The Turncoat (So Far Away) 10. Down Falls the Day 11. Rocky Road 12. Ashes in His Hands 13. Hold Fast to These Sights

Fully ChromaticGolygu

WAZ! (Steve Tilston, Maart Allcock, Pete Zorn) WAZ! WAZCD2 UD, 1998

1. The Dewy Ones 2. Dust from My Heels 3. Right in the Balkans 4. Salty Dog 5. Only for You 6. Time It Took Us By Surprise 7. Bo Lamkin 8. Foolish Me 9. Look Before You Leap 10. Don't Let Go 11. Doing the Best We Can 12. Here Comes the Night 13. I Will Return

The Greening WindGolygu

Hubris HRCD002, DU, 1999

The Greening WindGolygu

Hubris HRCD002, DU, 1999

1.The Slip Jigs & Reels 2.Another Place to Hide 3.The Naked Highwayman 4.Coronado & the Turk 5.These Days 6.Nowhere to Hide 7.Tsetse Fly Shuffle 8.Face of a Friend 9.The Greening Wind 10.It's a Straight Road 11.Polonaise 12.Sometimes in This Life 13.Do What You Please 14.Simplicity 15.The Wind That Shakes the Barley The Ladies Pantalettes

Live HemistryGolygu

Hubris HRCD03 DU, 2001

1.Let Your Banjo Ring 2.Gymnopedie intro Here Comes the Night 3.Old Cairo 4.Anthony Believes 5.Blue Heron's Eye 6.Naked Highwayman 7.The Night Owl 8.Here's to Tom Paine 9.Can't Shake These Blues 10.Man Gone Down 11.Face of a Friend 12.Salty Dog 13.Roving on a Winter's Night (Roud 3601) 14.Slip Jigs & Reels 15.It's Now or Never

Such & suchGolygu

Market Square MSMCD124 DU 2003

1.Rare Thing 2.Some Kind of Sonnet 3.Totterdown 4.Anthony Believes 5.I Need a Cup of Coffee 6.Waterhole (Anasazi) 7.Mirror Dance 8.West End Samba 9.The Sniper's Tale 10.Rolling Down the Roman Road 11.There Is a Song 12.Sweet Such & Such 13.The Constant Lovers (Roud 466; Laws K17)

Of Many HandsGolygu

Recordiadau ADA, ADA106CD DU, 2005

1.The Girl I Left Behind Me (Brighton Camp) (Roud 23929) 2.One Night As I Lay on My Bed (Roud 672) 3.Going to the West (Roud 5113) 4.The Streams of Lovely Nancy (Roud 688) 5.The Leaving of Liverpool (Roud 9435) 6.The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow (Roud 2124) 7.Barbry Allen (Roud 54; Child 84) 8.Spencer the Rover (Roud 1115) 9.Loving Hanna (Roud 454) 10.Captain Ward (Roud 224; Child 287) 11.New York Gals (Roud 486) 12.Willow Creek

Guitar MaestrosGolygu

Sound Techniques GM004 (DVD), DU, 2006)

Prif ddarn: Cyfweliad gan Trevor Dann, yn cymysgu efo caneuon: 1.Here Comes the Night 2.Sometimes in This Life 3.Tsetse Fly Shuffle 4.Archipegalo 5.Tom Paine 6.And So It Goes 7.The Streams of Lovely Nancy (Roud 688) 8.The Rambling Comber (Roud 1473)

Traciau ychwanegol:

9.Rare Thing 10.Cup of Coffee 11.Going to the West (Roud 5113) 12.Willow Creek 13.Naked Highwayman 14.The Slip Jigs and Reels 15.The Leaving of Liverpool (Roud 9435) 16.West End Samba

Reaching BackGolygu

Free Reed FRQCD 70 (4+1 CD, DU, Gorffennaf 2007)

CD 1: Who Made Up the Rules? (FRCD 71) 1.Lifescape with Guitar recordiad newydd, 2006 2.And So It Goes… recordiad newydd, 2006; yn wreiddiol ar And So It Goes…, 1996 3.Time Has Shown Me Your Face 4.Simplicity 5.Normandy Day y dri ar An Acoustic Confusion, 1971 6.All In a Dream o Collection, 1972 7.I'm Reaching Out recordiad newydd, 2006; yn wreiddiol ar Collection, 1972 8.Rock Salmon Suite o Guitar Workshop Cyfrol. 1, 1972 9.Impressions 10.Face of a Friend o Songs from the Dress Rehearsal, 1977 11.Time It Took Us By Surprise from Fully Chromatic, 1998 12.Show a Little Kindness o albwm colledig, 1978; yn drac bonws ar fersiwn CD An Acoustic Confusion, 1971 13.B Movie 14.Red Sky 15.y ddau o In for a Penny, In for a Pound, 1983 16.Tsetse Fly Shuffle 17.Some Times in This Life y ddau o Life by Misadventure, 1987 18.The Verdant Braes of Skreen (Roud 419) o Ship of Fools, 1988 19.These Sea Dreams o Of Moor and Mesa, 1992 20.Life By Misadventure o Life by Misadventure, 1987

CD 2: He Took Most Delight… (FRCD 72) 1.The Naked Highwayman o Of Moor and Mesa, 1992 2.The Slip Jigs and Reels recordiad newydd, 2006; yn wreiddiol ar Of Moor and Mesa, 1992 3.Here Comes the Night recordiad newydd, 2006; yn wreiddiol ar Life by Misadventure, 1987 4.Coronado and the Turk o Of Moor and Mesa, 1992 5.Enter the Tooth Fairy 6.Goodbye to the Snow 7.Soon Comes the Rain y dri ar And So It Goes…, 1996 8.Here's to Tom Paine recordiad byw ar daith “Fairport Supporters“, 2002; yn wreiddiol ar All Under the Sun, 1995 9.Let Your Banjo Ring fersiwn stiwdio heb ei ryddhau o'r blaen, 2001; yn wreiddiol ar All Under the Sun, 1995 10.Man Gone Down (Fred's Song) o Live Hemistry, 2001 11.Foolish Me 12.Dust From My Heels 13.Salty Dog y dri o Fully Chromatic, 1998 14.Turning of the Tides 15.The Turncoat y ddau o Solorubato, 1998

CD 3: Staring at Time (FRCD 73) 1.The Dewy Ones o Fully Chromatic, 1998 2.Blue Heron's Eye 3.Living With the Blues y ddau o Solorubato, 1998 4.Anthony Believes fersiwn heb ei ryddhau'n gynt, 2001; yn wreiddiol ar Live Hemistry, 2001 5.The Night Owl Homeward Turns o Live Hemistry, 2001 6.To Bits and Back (Black Dog) demo heb ei ryddhau o'r blaen 7.Old New World demo heb ei ryddhau o'r blaen, 2000 8.Mirror Dance o Such & Such, 2003 9.Rare Thing recordiad newydd, 2002; yn wreiddiol ar Such & Such, 2003 10.Old Cairo recordiad newydd, 2006; yn wreiddiol ar Live Hemistry, 2001 11.Rolling Down This Roman Road darllediad radio heb ei ryddhau o'r blaen, 2005; yn wreiddiol ar Such & Such, 2003 12.I Need a Cup of Coffee recordiad byw efo Brooks Williams, 2005; yn wreiddiol ar Such & Such, 2003 13.Totterdown o Such & Such, 2003 14.Willow Creek o Of Many Hands, 2005 15.Archipelago recordiad newydd, 2006 16.Over the Next Hill recordiad demo efo Dave Pegg, 2004 17.Polonaise o Life by Misadventure, 1987

CD 4: Do What You Please (FRCD 74) 1.The Leaving of Liverpool (Roud 9435) o Of Many Hands, 2005 2.Blue Skies 3.Crying Waiting Hoping 4.Big Bill's Been Here and Gone 5.Trying to Get to You 6.Blues Run the Game 7.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 8.Summer Girls y saith i gyd yn recordiadau newydd 9.Constant Lovers (Roud 466; Laws K17) o Such & Such, 2003 10.The Still and Silent Ocean o The Transports Silver Edition, 2004 11. War Horse Town o CD Mrs Ackroyd: The Wings of Butterflies, 1999 12. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall recordiad newydd, 2007 13. Dipsticks and Seals o CD Mrs Ackroyd:: Yelp, 2003 14. Rhapsody o Swans at Coole, 1990

CD bonws 5: Bringing in the Steves: Fersiynau gan bobl eraill (FRCD 75) 1.Wizz Jones: Do What You Please 2.Ralph McTell, Maart Allcock: Is This the Same Boy? 3.Steve Gillette, Cindy Mangson: Waterhole 4.Greg Anderson, Sarah Milonovich: Goodbye to the Snow 5.Hamish Stuart, Matt Irving: Living with the Blues 6.Jez Lowe: All in a Dream 7.Bob Fox: Life Is Not Kind 8.Pete Morton, Laura Hockenhull: These Days 9.Chris Smither: Can't Shake These Blues 10.John Kirkpatrick,Chris Parkinson: Willow Creek 11.Fairport Convention: The Naked Highwayman 12.Tom McConville: Rocky Road 13.Darryl Purpose: Sonnet 14.Brooks Williams: Here Comes the Night 15.Lunaseeds efo Oddur: Do What You Please 16.Martha Tilston a Steve Tilston: I Really Wanted You 17.Grace Notes: Down Falls the Day oddi wrth Down Falls the Day, 2003 18.Dolores Keane: The Night Owl 19.Robin and Bina Williamson: The Proud Man


Hubris HRCD 004 (CD, DU, 2008)

1.The Road When I Was Young 2.A Pretty Penny 3.The King of the Coiners 4.The Rambling Comber (Roud 1473) 5.Speaking in Tongues 6.After Summer Rain 7.In-Between Years 8.The Spoils of War 9.Madame Muse 10.Fairweather Love 11.Jacaranda 12.The Devil May Care 13.The Fisher Lad of Whitby 14.Archipelago

The ReckoningGolygu

Hubris HUB006 (CD, DU, 25 Gorffennaf, 2011)

1.This Is the Dawn 2.Notamun Town Return 3.The Reckoning 4.Pennine Spring 5.Oil and Water 6.Memory Lane 7.Sovereign of Tides 8.Doubting Thomas 9.Davy Lamp / Fruit Fly 10.Rio de la Miel 11.Weeping Willow Replanted 12.Ijna (Davy Ji)

The Oxenhope EPGolygu

Steve Tilston & The Durbervilles Splid CD009 (EP, DU, 19 Mawrth, 2012)

1.Oil and Water 2.Same Boy 3.There She Blows 4.Drinking Man 5.Jackaranda


Triawd Steve Tilston[5] Hubris HUB07 (CD, DU, 2 Medi, 2013)

1.Beulah Road 2.Blues for the North Wind 3.Courting Is a Pleasure (Roud 454) 4.Far Side of the World 5.Song of the Wandering Aengus (geiriau gan William Butler Yeats) 6.Sometimes in This Life 7.Rocky Road 8.Martin Said to His Man 9.Jimmy's Train (gan Jimmy Guiffre a Steve Tilston) 10.Jam Tomorrow 11.Let's Face the Music and Dance (Irving Berlin) 12.Sentimental 13.Little Norris


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Dolen allanolGolygu